When it comes to converting an engine away from gasoline there are many options:

        Pure 100% Electric
        Hybrid Gas/Diesel and Electric
        Hydrogen Only
        Hydrogen Gas Hybrid
        Ethanol (alcohol-based fuel derived from corn or wheat)
        Natural Gas

Engine-conversionOne of the hybrid versions that sound promising is the hydrogen gas hybrid, sometimes known as HHO
Hybrid hydrogen makes combustion more efficient by injecting hydroxy gas (HHO) into a vehicle’s intake system. The presence of the additional hydrogen molecule makes the burn more efficient and produces less toxic gasses, as the byproduct of burning hydrogen is water (stream). The process of generating the hydroxy gas is known as electrolysis, where an electric current is passed through water between metal plates, and the water molecules (H2O) are separated into hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O) – these reform loosely to form an unbonded mixture of hydroxy gas.

By feeding hydroxy gas into the gasoline mixture, the gas burns more efficiently (additional oxygen helps fuel the explosion), and hydrogen adds to the heat produced. The use of hydroxy as a supplemental fuel (typically 5-10% maximum) both increases mileage and reduces emissions.
The typical internal combustion engine has an efficiency less than 50%. This means that at least half of the energy available from the fuel which is used is wasted and does not produce any useful mechanical output power, just wasted heat. The main way of running an engine with water as the only fuel, involves splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen and then burning those gases to power the engine, but a more realistic method is to use water (hydroxyl) as a supplement.

There are several organizations on the planet that are advertising a hydrogen culture. They think that is feasible to use water (hydrogen and even oxygen) as a gas to power our societies. As well as I can not claim that they are wrong. But there will certainly have to be several breakthroughs in innovation before this becomes a reality. I’ll give you addresses to these companies as I enhance this internet site. When hydrogen burns, it becomes water. This is why I qualify it as an eco-fuel. But what people don’t realize is that our current innovation takes a lot more energy to split water right into hydrogen and oxygen than you get from the hydrogen and even oxygen when you re-burn it.

It is important to bear in mind when thinking about to utilize renewable hydrogen, it needs to be produced somehow. The most usual technique is to make use of electrolysis making use of electrical power to split water. But we are back to our initial issue – exactly how do we make the electrical energy? As well as when electricity is made it is typically so much more effective to make use of the power straight than to transform it to hydrogen and after that burn the hydrogen. Power can be saved in economical battery packs. Electricity can heat our houses, cook our food as well as power our cars much more effectively compared to hydrogen can. Thinking that it in some way becomes possible to make hydrogen inexpensively, there are numerous means to use hydrogen in a home scenario. Kept hydrogen can be used much like any other gas used now, like propane. The devices would certainly searching for some adjustments, but you could warm your residence, prepare your food as well as drive your car using hydrogen.